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Getting your clothes to and from the dry cleaner is a job nobody really wants. It's time consuming, burns fuel, and adds two more trips to the errands list. That's why the Collection and Delivery Service with Regal Dry Cleaners works so well for so many. Unless you like making unnecessary trips, there's really no reason not to use it. You can't beat its ease and convenience. Leave the driving, the parking, the carrying, the going out in all weather, and of course, the dry cleaning and laundering - to us!

FREE for orders over £30.00, and £2.50 for orders under £30.00.

The Regal van will come to you!

Enjoy quality garment care with delivery convenience by using Regal Dry Cleaners Collection and Delivery Service! You can now have Regal regularly stop at your home or business to pick-up any garments or larger items like curtains for cleaning. It just takes one phone call to book a collection. Regal is committed to giving you spotless service, saving you time and money and making you look good!

Door to Door service

Regal Dry Cleaners will regularly stop at your home or business to collect and deliver any type of item needing cleaning. Each driver provides a high-quality, personal service when picking up any garments for laundry or dry cleaning. Each item is carefully escorted back to the unit for inspection by Regal's dedicated staff, who properly sort and remove stains taking care of the fabric every step of the way. Items are delivered back to the customer speedily, without the customer having to think about it. Choose from once-a-week, twice-a-week or on-call service. An "Express" service is also available for an additional charge when you need it.

Collection and Delivery Van